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New Version

I’m excited to celebrate my birthday by releasing ChetCast, a microcast about my life as a stay-at-home dad! I first started podcasting 11 years ago in my college dorm room. It was just me back then, but now I’m lucky to have three children to join me on the show.

I’m hosting my show using and recording it with the Wavelength app. Special thanks to Aaron Parecki for the music. This has been a great community to be involved with and it’s been truly fun seeing Manton continue to iterate.

In case you’re wondering, the thing that I’m perhaps best known for among my friends and family is my love of sprinkles. I’ve labored diligently, with great success, to pass on this love to my children. When choosing podcast artwork that represents me, my family, and my new show, no other object could more completely summarize this project.

My last podcast made it to 50 or so episodes. I hope to make 1,000 episodes of ChetCast, documenting the adventures my children and I share.

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