Chet Collins

Chet Collins

2019 Goals

In years past, I’ve set a variety of goals across different categories. I’ve decided to cast that method aside and focus on one area of my life: better compliance with my migraine management. There are certain things that I can do every day to reduce the incidence and severity of migraine attacks. If I can get this chronic condition better managed, all aspects of my life will improve.

I’m also going to focus on actions instead of outcomes. So while I need to lose some serious weight, I’m not going to set a weight goal. Instead, I’m going to set fitness goals that will result in weight loss.

So, here are my goals, each of which need to be accomplished daily:

  • Close my Apple Watch rings & keep a food journal
  • Read a book
  • Meditate

That’s it. Four actions steps, accomplished daily, over a period of time. Simple, straightforward, no room for excuses.

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