Chet Collins

Chet Collins

Book Review: Smart Money, Smart Kids 📚

This book has been in my reading queue for some time. Now that my kids are getting old enough to start absorbing some of the lesson around money, I thought it was a good time to dive in.

If you’re a Dave Ramsey fan, or have followed his work to any degree, there are huge chunks of this book that you can skip. Like most of the other books, if you’ve read The Total Money Makeover or have gone through Financial Peace University, there’s little new information. That’s frustrating, but hey, points for consistency.

Of the 250 pages or so, I got good or new information out of about 150 pages. There were plenty of practical tips, most of which shared through their experience. It was the way that they raised their kids and several times through the book, I found their techniques to be a bit weird. The intention was not to share the definitive way to parent, but rather, to show a way that appears to have yielded good results. Like any other book, productivity system, or whatever, I’ll harvest the good parts and leave the rest.

Coming away from the book, I feel confident in the contours of how to teach my children to use money. I just wish I didn’t have that hangover feeling from hearing so much of the same information again.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

ISBN: 9781937077631

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