News I'll Never Read

Following up on my blog post on paying for news, I checked out a few major news sites to grab some headlines that I will never see from The Wall Street Journal. All of these articles were on the main page, some prominently so.

Meghan Markle's rumored new nickname will reportedly make Prince Harry 'angry,' royal source claims

A great piece of journalism from Fox News about only the best in palace intrigue.

Want a happier relationship? Pay attention to your partner's 'bids' to connect

In case you went to NBC for the top headlines, but decided in the end you just needed to work on you.

The 43 most outrageous lines from Donald Trump's phone interview with Sean Hannity

43 quotes and painfully witty commentary by an editor-at-large over at CNN.

Keith Olbermann unleashes fury at turkey hunter, tells Twitter followers to make his life a 'living hell' — and they do

Slow news day over at The Blaze newsroom. I hate articles about what’s happening on Twitter.

Mum's plea for girls to ditch leggings sparks protests

Thanks, BBC! Message received.

When we don’t pay for news, media organizations have to put out these pathetic articles that aren’t worth the time they spent writing, editing, and publishing.

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