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Wrapped Around Her Finger

The job of being a father is under appreciated today. Our society spends too much time attacking people that we’re envious of. A by-product has been the sidelining of men writ large. We’ve chipped away so much at the essence of masculinity that men find little direction in their lives. A lack of expectations leaves us confused and adrift. This is a dangerous formula for men who take on the mantle of fatherhood.

I have two daughters, and I am aware of how much is riding on our relationship. The way they see the world and interact with other people is though our relationship. If they feel loved, safe, and cared for, they will grow into healthy, well adjusted women. If they feel forgotten or unimportant, they will muddle through life questioning themselves. They will live life mired in self-doubt.

Fatherhood is best understood through the relationship between a man and his daughter. Men play a vital role in their marriages, families, and the lives of their children. Their active presence is a necessary component to a stable home.

It’s why I’ve never liked to hear about how daughters have their daddy’s wrapped around their fingers. To me, that statement misunderstands the role of the father. I know the importance of setting clear and consistent boundaries because of my love for them.

True strength, true masculinity, requires authentic servant leadership. I serve my daughters because I love them. I maintain a clean household because its our shared living space. I give them treats and affection because they are special to me and I love them. That’s also the reason I put them in timeout and enforce our family rules.

In a society that prefers abdication, I refuse to budge. These are my children, and I will lead them, and I will serve them.