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Military Chain of Command Under New Scrutiny in Assault Cases - WSJ

“Ultimately commanders need to own it. They need to be more prepared, more accountable, more equipped, but they still need to own it,” Ms. McSally told reporters earlier this month. “Stripping that away from them and outsourcing it someone else, from my very strong view as a survivor and as a commander, is going to take our eye off the ball.”

I agree with Sen. McSally. I’ve never understood Commanders’ reluctance to handle this. They have access to federal law enforcement investigators (AFOSI, NCIS, CID). Receive the complaint, bring in investigators, act on findings. Violent criminals have no place in uniform or anywhere near our defense apparatus. Commanders who don’t enforce disipline and the UCMJ in their commands need to be held accountable for their failure of leadership.