Chet Collins

Chet Collins

Mission Accomplished

My biggest goal for 2017 didn’t start out that way at all. It started with a few days in a row of closing all of my activity rings on my Apple Watch. Two weeks ago, I wrote about how [I had closed all three rings for 365 consecutive days](

Somewhere along the way, I made it my goal to close all three rings every day in 2017. It was not easy. There was vacation, sick days, a cross-country drive, and nights of exhaustion after chasing the kids around all day. Regardless of how sick or tired or completely unmotivated I was, I pushed through.

Next year I’m going to go further with higher activity goals, and maybe even completing a year of the new iOS 11 challenges. It’s a different game, but the same objective. To be the healthiest that I can be to manage my migraines and ensure a long life with my family.

Every time I open the Activity app on my phone, I now have a little reminder of just how tenacious I can be. Hopefully I’ll be inspired to keep on pushing.

Here's to 2018.


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