Futile Resistance

Why did I avoid?
 This book is very good work.

How long til release?

Horrified Trump Learns What Happened To Last Guy Who Called Himself King Of The Jews - The Babylon Bee

“Complete and total disaster,” he muttered to himself as he read about Jesus’s crucifixion for claiming to be God and the rightful ruler of the Jews.

News Corp Readies News App to Address Publishers’ Concerns About Google and Facebook - WSJ

The service, currently called

Great idea, atrocious name. I will never go to a website called Knewz.

The service will aim to promote original news reports rather than those that are quick rehashes of existing articles

Desperately needed! Very little orignal journalism/reporting going on these days.

Oh, wow. Taylor Swift is still around?

My ISP is offering new customers 2x my internet speed for $25 less per month, permanently. This is everything that’s wrong with most Americans only having one ISP option.

Editing on iPad

Text selection: hard.

Multi-sentence selection:

Hard. Stick to the Mac.

Writing on the iPad is a much easier task than editing on the iPad. iPad OS may change this reality, but I’m dubious.

How to clean your Apple Card - Apple Support

Place your card in a slot in your wallet or billfold without touching another credit card.

Doesn’t play well with others. I guess we now need a range of 3rd party cases for Apple Card.

I’m deleting YouVersion from my phone. I hate how every devotional for dads or men takes on the same tired caricature of the modern man.

Ludovico Einaudi creates the most beautiful and inspiring music. Another great find thanks to Apple Music. 🎧

Episode 103: Benedict Learns

I catch up with Benedict during his third day of Kindergarten. He shares so of the things he’s learning and we play a reading game.

Year of Haiku

From a humble start,

A year of life though haiku.

Pause, begin again.

It’s my Haiku-iversary! On this day last year, I composed two haiku about cleaning my house and I haven’t stopped yet! 🎉

It’s such a relief when a technical hurdle that slowed me down for days is resolved. Finished up a big project that clears the way for me to get back to editing.

$5/month for Apple Arcade is a decent price point. Much better than I was expecting.

NetNewsWire 5 for Mac Help: What is RSS? What are feeds?

The good part is the part in the middle — that’s the part with the news.

The best article description of what RSS is. Will be sharing this article widely when talking to people.

First Day of School

Today was the day,

Son has fantastic teacher!

The guy’s a real gem.

New Evidence Suggests the Real Reason St. Peter Denied Jesus Was Because Christ Healed His Mother-in-Law - Eye of the Tiber

That’s nice–I am getting out of here.

Always good for a laugh.

The boy is up, let the adventure begin! ✏️

End of Summer

Freedom is fading,

School starts in the morning. Well,

Those five years went fast.

Hong Kong is giving the World a master class in how to stand up totalitarianism. 🇭🇰

Apple Music has a playlist called Classical A.M.. Yes, please! 🎧

Episode 102: Twas the Night Before School

Tomorrow is the big day! I sat down with Benedict to capture his thoughts before he begins his education in the morning.

This is the first time that I’m seeing this repeating to-do.

Lawn Crew Sun

Mowed the lawn a church.

August is not a fun month,

But we got it done.

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