This is America

I grew up in an Air Force family. Moving across our country, I’ve had the opportunity to live in or visit almost every region.

I’m disappointed at how we portray ourselves to the World. There’s the America that’s shown on television and the real America.

America is a beautiful place filled with warm and caring people. People who go about their lives quietly and with great dignity. We work, raise families, and volunteer in our community. A great number of incredible Americans sign up to join the military and defend our way of life.

My family and I took two days to drive across America to our vacation here on the shores of Lake Michigan. We didn’t need permission or visas. We just decided to go to the lake. There was food, fuel, and restrooms wherever we needed them. At the end of a long travel day, a smiling clerk welcomed us into a comfortable hotel.

America is a lot of things, and we have our fair share of problems. In spite of our weaknesses, we succeed. We come from every background and corner of the planet to be a force for good.

Freedom. Opportunity. Joy. This is America.

© 2019 Chet J. Collins