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Book Review: Digital Minimalism 📚

This book caught me at the perfect time. Cal Newport’s latest offering is the antidote to the quick glance, mindless scrolling, and trying to fill every down second of our life with something digital.

In a way, Newport met me right where I’m at. I’m more skeptical than ever of apps, a far cry from my evangelism of the early 2010s. I want my devices to do very few jobs and not be my default time waster.

Practical, insightful, and backed up by science, Digital Minimalism lays out a strong and succinct argument for the power of technology, and the importance of keeping it harnessed. Newport doesn’t advocate abolition, but rather better values alignment. He leads his readers through a 30 day process in which they step back from their digital interaction, define their values and relationship with technology, and only reintegrate with the technology that provides great personal benefit with few drawbacks.

This is the book for anyone who thinks seriously about personal technology and the role it plays in our lives. It’s also perfect for the casual reader who has a nagging thought in the back of their mind that they’re a little uncomfortable with the dominant role that their personal devices play in their lives.

Would I recommend: YES

ISBN: 978-0525536512