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Book Review: Boys Should Be Boys 📚

A few months ago I read Meg Meeker’s Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters. I found that book incredibly helpful in understanding my daughters better, and how to apply that knowledge to my parenting. I picked up Boys Should Be Boys with the same intention, only for my son.

This book was not Meeker’s best work. I found it dry and somewhat difficult to follow. Her audience was for mothers and fathers of boys, which meant that there was a considerable amount of content that didn’t apply to me. I read it so that I could better understand Alison’s relationship with our son, but it made the journey less pleasant.

There were some good ideas sprinkled throughout, and of course, a few lessons that I’ve already began to implement. I just don’t find myself as overwhelmingly satisfied as I was when I finished Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.

My main gripe with this book is that it could use a revised edition. Published in 2009, it was full of dated references that sounded silly, even though they were only a decade old. Meeker recently published a new book for fathers, called Hero, which I intend to read in the coming weeks. It’s my hope that that title will meet some of my learning objectives.

Would I recommend: NO

ISBN: 978-1596980570