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Book Review: The Read-Aloud Family 📚

One of the many benefits that comes with adding a brief review of each book that I finish is that, while I read, I start to formulate my conclusions. I consider how the book impacts me and engage more with the content. I picked up The Read-Aloud Family on Apple Books during one of their regular sales. I like how Apple randomizes the sales, and runs them all of the time, because it exposes me to a wider library.

I have three young children, and I already had a concept that reading to them was important for their future success. I’ve shared about my own experience growing up, and the regular reading time we had in our household. Since finishing my formal education, it’s only been since last year that I’ve been attentive to cultivating my own reading habit. I do love reading, and it’s a love that I want to share with my kids.

Sarah Mackenzie shares this book as a follow-up to a book with a similar title written years ago by a different author. As a new mom many years ago, she happened upon the book which outlined, in depth, the importance of reading to children. Beyond just their intellectual development, reading to children presents a perfect opportunity to build relationships, create a shared language, spend quality time together, and help a child to understand who they are.

I found Mackenzie’s book to be well written, thoughtful, personal, and helpful. Although I suspect she wrote it with an audience of mothers in mind, she did a wonderful job of writing broadly enough that I didn’t feel excluded. She spoke of universal parental desires, instead of only mother-specific instincts and emotion. In doing so, her message was more impactful.

I’ve started reading to my children during the day apart from the brief story or two before bedtime. They move and fidget and walk around. Even here, Mackenzie laid out research that demonstrates that my kids aren’t bored or ignoring the story, but are rather engaging it more fully.

Part science, part experience, this book fulfills its promise. I’m fully convinced that taking time each day to read with my children, regardless of their age or reading level, is an important component of our shared family life.

Would I recommend: YES

ISBN: 978-1451608274