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Book Review: Hero 📚

This is the third book that I’ve read by Meg Meeker this year. I guess my parenting game is getting pretty strong. While her book on raising boys let me down, Hero delivered.

Meeker shares her best advice and insights with fathers who are looking for their place in their families. Through her 30 years of clinical experience, Dr. Meeker has a unique perspective on the importance of fatherhood. In this book, she encourages fathers to break out of the societal expectations and be an active, engaged, and affectionate father.

Per her style, sprinkled throughout the book are plenty of clinical examples. Kids who were out of control, only to be soothed by their fathers. Fathers who were confused by their children’s anger, only to understand that the child wasn’t angry, just confused and struggling to cope. She highlights some of the NFL players she’s worked with and their positive experiences of fatherhood. Meeker illustrates how badly kids need their dad, and what happens when he’s gone.

The book is written to a wide audience. We all approach fatherhood from a starting point of our relationship with our own fathers. There were many areas of advice that struck me as odd, such as not calling your wife a slut. But, that’s the world that we live in. Above all, Meeker emphasizes building an atmosphere of mutual respect and love.

We have the care of the next generation in our charge. If you doubt your abilities or wonder how qualified you are to serve in the important role of father, you’re in good company. This book will give you some practical tools to help you succeed.

Would I recommend: YES

ISBN: 978-1621575023