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Kiko Footer

I spent some time this week tweaking my footer. I want to spread the word about, but in a way that suits my style. A few folks asked for the code that I used, so here it is!

The first link is to the homepage, while the svg icon links directly to my profile. Make sure to update the link for the svg or your visitors might end up someplace they weren’t expecting!

As a reminder, this is set-up for the Kiko theme, and I have this snippet in the “Edit Footer” area on the Design tab.

<div class="center">
<center style="padding-bottom: 35px;">
  <p>An independent website powered by <a href=""></a></p>
<p>© 2019 Chet J. Collins </p>
<p style="margin-bottom: 0px;">
<a href="">
<svg style="width: 24px; height: 24px; fill: #FD9927;" xmlns="[](" viewBox="0 0 482.79 486.16">
<path class="cls-1" d="M495.79,372.06c32-37.64,51.11-85,51.11-136.5C546.9,113,438.82,13.72,305.5,13.72S64.1,113,64.1,235.56,172.18,457.4,305.5,457.4a259.65,259.65,0,0,0,86.2-14.58,7.78,7.78,0,0,1,8.81,2.77c20.17,27.23,51.67,46.38,86.7,54.17a4.79,4.79,0,0,0,4.74-7.65,94.37,94.37,0,0,1,4-120.11ZM420,209.48l-62.17,47.19,22.56,74.72a7.06,7.06,0,0,1-10.79,7.84L305.5,294.68l-64.09,44.55a7.06,7.06,0,0,1-10.79-7.84l22.56-74.72L191,209.48a7.06,7.06,0,0,1,4.12-12.68l78-1.63,25.67-73.71a7.06,7.06,0,0,1,13.33,0l25.67,73.71,78,1.63A7.06,7.06,0,0,1,420,209.48Z" transform="translate(-64.1 -13.72)" />