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Annual Wellness Visit

I went in today for my annual wellness physical. I don’t think it’s common for men of my age to participate in routine healthcare, but the visit is included in my health insurance plan. I have nothing to lose.

Since I go in every year about this time, I was very excited I secretly hoped my physician would notice my significant weight loss and praise my good work. I didn’t do it for him, but it would’ve been nice to receive some affirmation. I imagine it’d be like going to the dentist for a cleaning and triumphantly announcing that I had been flossing.

He didn’t mention it.

The nurse got an alert in the electronic medical record when she entered my weight. I saw the huge pop-up window, noting that my weight had plummeted 21%, asking to verify that the weight was correct. Oh boy was it!

I guess my only consolation is the spark of joy I get every time I see myself in the mirror. It’s a little reminder of the gift that I gave to myself by focusing on improving my physical health.