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Road Rage

I love that I can go out and run errands while everyone is at work and school. No one likes traffic, and the fact that I can be out and about when traffic volume is light is wonderful. I move quickly and efficiently.

Yesterday, I had to go across town on one of the busier streets at 3pm. Schools were letting out and people were busy finishing up their day. Along the way, there was a traffic accident near a very congested intersection, blocking 2 of the 3 lanes.

Drivers were getting aggressive, and frustrated, as the bottleneck formed. With those three lanes merged into one, more than a few cars displayed a sense of entitlement as we all endured this traffic jam.

While I was sitting there, windows down on a gorgeous fall day, I considered the aggressive and confrontational nature of our driving. We see other cars as obstacles in our way, slowing us down, or otherwise frustrating our plans. We speed up and race people whom we’ll never meet, just to prove a point in our own minds. We cut others off, ignore the rules of the road, and are otherwise awful to one another.

What if instead of seeing the other cars as obstacles to be overcome, I saw them as the people driving them?