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Book Review: Consecration to St. Joseph 📚

Late last year, I came across the pre-order for this book. I was familiar with Fr. Calloway’s work. In particular his Marian consecration book is widely used by members of my family. I was excited to see that he was publishing a book that was targeted right at men, husbands, and fathers at this important moment.

In the Catholic tradition, a consecration is when someone entrusts themselves to a saint. While we have and worship one God, we seek to develop friendships with the saints, people who lived virtuous lives and are now in Heaven. The saints don’t take the place of God, but rather point us towards Him. They help us on the Way.

Novenas are nine days of prayer, while many consecration programs are a 33 day process. This period of preparation is intense. There are daily prayers and readings that help to increase our theological knowledge and get us ready to freely consent to the consecration. One’s consecration is renewed, generally on a yearly basis. There’s also a schedule, so that the consecration process concludes on an important feast day. Since the book was only published in January, I was on the first possible cycle of this consecration, concluding on the Solemnity of St. Joseph.

Fr. Calloway brings his particular expertise to this program. I learned so much about St. Joseph and found the process to be edifying. St. Joseph is widely known, but rarely understood. I was impressed by the book and think it’s an excellent tool for enriching one’s spiritual life.

Would I recommend: YES

ISBN: 978-1596144316