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Tim Cook Delivers Speech Emphasizing Apple’s Opposition to Sideloading - MacRumors

“Here in Washington and elsewhere, policymakers are taking steps in the name of competition that would force Apple to let apps onto iPhone that circumvent the App Store through a process called sideloading,” said Cook. “That means data-hungry companies would be able to avoid our privacy rules and once again track our users against their will. It would also potentially give bad actors a way around the comprehensive security protections we have put in place, putting them in direct contact with our users.”

We at Apple somehow managed to mitigate these threats on macOS, but are simply too dumb to come up with a similar solution set on iOS.

“If we are forced to let unvetted apps onto iPhone, the unintended consequences will be profound,” warned Cook.

We would be forced to give up an extraordinarily large, high-margin line item in our financial statements. This cannot be allowed to happen.

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