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Michigan Judge Suspends Enforcement of Pre-Roe Abortion Ban - WSJ

In her ruling, Judge Gleicher stated that due-process protections in Michigan’s Constitution imply a right to bodily integrity that would be violated by the 1931 law.

Irony of irony.

In April, Judge Gleicher disclosed to lawyers involved in the litigation that she has made annual donations to Planned Parenthood of Michigan and once represented Planned Parenthood as a volunteer attorney in the 1990s. The judge said she was confident of her objectivity in the matter and didn’t think a recusal was warranted.

That’s odd, I didn’t see this noted in any of the other reporting. PP was a petitioner in the case.

Adding to the farce, the lawsuit was argued over a currently moot point, and the defendant was the MI AG who refused to defend.

So this was a case where PP brought a suit, which no one defended, over a legal nonissue, in front of a judge who currently supports PP financially and has done so annually for three decades.

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