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Fertility Doctors Move Embryos to Other States in Case of Roe v. Wade Impact - WSJ

Many embryos created through IVF aren’t viable, fertility specialists said, and those that aren’t ultimately transferred into a uterus may be discarded. Some fertility and legal experts said the loss or discarding of embryos could be criminalized by statutes that ban abortion from the moment of fertilization or that grant personhood rights to embryos.

If you’ve ever wondered how the greatest evils in human history have taken root and spread, look no further than the extreme sanitization of language used in this article.

An embryo is a fertilized egg, a unique human life, with its own distinct set of DNA, at its very earliest stage. Frozen in space, not permitted to live or die, with no one advocating for their rights and defense.

They are created, not out of love, but out of a kamikaze drive to achieve pregnancy at any cost. All of this is motivated by the disastoruous belief that parents have a right to a child, a right to another life. IVF, in the statistically rare times that it succeeds in its aims, creates a single life at the cost of dozens. Dozens of created lives, simply thrown away; they are a means to an end, a scientific machination, of no worth or value.

The base, callous treatment of these human lives speaks to the heart of the societal problems we face today. If we can’t recognize the fundamental right to life, dignity, and respect of new human life, how will we ever get over our divisions between sexes, races, religions, or nationalities?

This fatal flaw in our view of the human person infects our entire worldview. It’s the evil upon which all other evils are built.

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