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Donald Trump Visits Ohio Train-Derailment Site, in Early Salvo of 2024 Race - WSJ

President Biden was briefed on conditions in East Palestine while he was rallying Europe to Ukraine’s aid in Warsaw, Poland, while former President Donald Trump visited the disaster site Wednesday afternoon.

This derailment happened more than two weeks before Biden left the country. He hasn’t been to the site because he’s consciously chosen not to go. The Transportation Secretary will be there 20 days after the derailment, but didn’t announce a trip until after Trump came and left.

This is why Trump won in 2016, and why he’s still a contender. Politicians are briefed from afar, appearing cold and aloof. Trump is unafraid to get up close and personal and comes off as compassionate and engaged.

Lately the narrative has been the derailment is Trump!s fault because he cancelled an Obama-era rule about train braking systems.

The head of the National Transportation Safety Board has said that the brake rule wouldn’t have applied to the derailed Norfolk Southern train.

A narrative that changes the story but is completely irrelevant to the facts.

This exact series events is the quintessential behavior of the political class that put Trump in office and they’re laying the groundwork to do it all over again.

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