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Book Review: Soundtracks 📚

This book came out more than two years ago, and I was part of the pre-order. I just got around to reading it. Oops.

I bought the hardcover and listened to the Audiobook. Although I love listening to Jon Acuff and his humor, the book design is so beautiful that I wish I’d had the tactile experience of holding this book over several reading sessions.

It’s a fairly quick read, and very well done. Plenty of examples, humor, and practical wisdom for rapid implementation. Essentially, Acuff relies on the science behind neuroplasticity to upgrade the messages that we give ourselves daily.

The thoughts that we have drive our actions. So if you think you’re a bad parent, you’ll act like one. By changing the message, you can change your story.

I love Jon’s work and this book is another home run.

Would I recommend: YES

ISBN: 978-1540900807

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