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Book Review: My Father’s House 📚

I almost always read nonfiction books. I was in the Apple audiobooks section and this one was in a summer reads sale. The cover art drew me in, and when learned that the story was a WWII espionage thriller, I couldn’t resist.

My Father’s House is a novel that, only after finishing the book, is a dramatized version of a true story. I typically don’t mind historical fiction, but when I don’t know the true story, I find it more disorienting to read the fiction.

The theology was good, but the writing led me to believe that the author was paid-per-adjective. It was descriptive to the point of tedium, with bizarre sexual non sequiturs sprinkled throughout. These weren’t frequent, but they were always gratuitous.

I enjoyed the radio theatre aspect of the audiobook, but all told, I wouldn’t say it was very good. Much like books turned into the movies, I much prefer the original version of this story.

Would I recommend: NO

ISBN: 978-1609458354

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