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Book Review: Dead Fall 📚

I finally did it. After nearly five years of reading, I finally made it through the full Scot Harvath series. This is, to my knowledge, only the second full series of books that I’ve read. The other, of course, being The Chronicles of Narnia.

Although many of the Brad Thor storylines are dark, this one was particularly difficult to read. Thor uses a “ripped from the headlines” model for his books, publishing new books each summer that roughly line up with the geopolitical landscape of the year. _Dead Fall_ was set in Ukraine, and it was terrifying.

The story read well, but it was a poignant reminder of how sanitized our view of war truly is. We are half a world away, comfortable in our own homes, while an entire nation takes on the brutality of Russian aggression. War is a terrible thing.

I’ve preordered the July release of Thor’s next book, but until then, I’ll be trying to find something a little lighter to read.

Would I recommend: YES

ISBN: 978-1982182199

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