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Biden’s Frailty Isn’t Breaking News - WSJ Opinion

In the run-up to the South Carolina primary that set Mr. Biden on a path to the nomination, I saw him at several events. At a small community center in North Charleston, S.C., Mr. Biden was scheduled to speak on his housing plan at—if memory serves—10 a.m. He was an hour late. When he arrived and began speaking, he looked and sounded so enervated that—this is not an exaggeration—I thought he might be dying.

He moved slowly, slurred his words badly, repeatedly said “North Carolina” when he meant North Charleston, and plainly had no idea why he was there or what his housing plan was. I found this alarming, but everybody else in the room—supporters and other reporters—evidently didn’t.

It’s easy to forget the 2020 cycle, it was so long ago. But there was a reason the Biden campaign kept him in the house and it wasn’t just COVID. He did what hid things best: scripted events and interviews. The gaffs were just the folksy Joe being Joe.

Now we know all about the Emperor’s new clothes.

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