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How Biden’s Inner Circle Worked to Keep Signs of Aging Under Wraps - WSJ

In April, Murray, the high-ranking senator from Washington state, told the Journal that she hadn’t seen a change in Biden’s acuity during years of meeting with him. “He engages in a very personal way, asking questions, making comments,” she said.

On Monday, Murray said in a statement that Biden should consider his legacy in deciding whether to remain in the race: “We need to see a much more forceful and energetic candidate on the campaign trail in the very near future in order for him to convince voters he is up to the job.”

WSJ published a widely-critized feature on June 4th with the headline, Behind Closed Doors, Biden Shows Signs of Slipping. The very next day, Politico published an article on the fall-out, Biden Team Seeths Over Another Age Piece - and Sours on The Journal.

In the Politico piece, Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Murray were, “quick to say that their on-the-record rebuttals did not make it into The Journal’s final piece. Murray said in an interview she spoke to the paper twice.”

In the span of four weeks, Sen. Murray has gone from ridiculing those who dared question Biden’s mental acquity to publicly, and politely, suggesting that he get lost.

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