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ChetCast: Season 1


Season 1 (2018)

A short-form podcast about my life as a stay-at-home dad, starring my three kids. My goal for this microcast is to capture the sounds of my children’s cute voices, talk about our adventures, and introduce them to the joys of podcasting and storytelling. Fair warning: there’s lots of dead air.

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Episode 49: Daddy’s Robot

December 28, 2018

The kids join me for a recap of Christmas and we introduce a new regular on the show.

Episode 48: Christmas Eve

December 24, 2018

The kids are very excited about Christmas tomorrow.

Episode 47: Rainy Day Visitors

December 19, 2018

We have some very special visitors on their way to our house. I sat down with Felicity to get her thoughts.

Episode 46: Christmas Cookies

December 15, 2018

I just got home from running errands to find the kids at the kitchen table decorating Christmas cookies. We talk about their designs and our ride last night on The Polar Express.

Episode 45: Ready for Adventure

December 11, 2018

We’re finishing up breakfast and getting ready to head to the local planetarium for a kids show.

Episode 44: St. Nicholas and Batman

December 6, 2018

The kids found some treats in their shoes this morning and have found the perfect song to enjoy while dancing.

Episode 43: Christmas Tree

December 4, 2018

Benedict and Felicity had much to say as I struggled to keep the conversation on topic. The Christmas decorations are up and ready for us to enjoy!

Episode 42: BenedictBot 3000

November 26, 2018

Benedict has a robot that he would like for you to meet.

Episode 41: Thanksgiving

November 22, 2018

It’s a slow start on Thanksgiving morning. I catch up with the family as we start our celebrations.

Episode 40: Inventions

November 20, 2018

I catch up with Benedict in the play room before the girls wake up to talk about all of his latest LEGO inventions.

Episode 39: Monday Morning Breakfast

November 12, 2018

Benedict requested a podcast this morning, so we sat down at the breakfast table and hit record. He shared a random fact and Felicity is now a puppy. This episode can best be summed up by Felicity’s off-mic review once we wrapped, “That’s a great ChetCast!”

Episode 38: Birthday LEGOs

November 8, 2018

I catch up with Benedict early this morning to chat about his birthday and plans for the day.

Episode 37: Halloween and the Lizard

November 6, 2018

Felicity joins me on the mic to talk about her Halloween experience and a new critter friend. She’s quite chatty.

Episode 36: Science Museum

October 19, 2018

We’re starting our day, getting ready to go to the Science Museum. Benedict and Felicity catch us up.

Episode 35: Hello, Fall

October 15, 2018

A very chatty Benedict brings special guest Baby Black Nose to the podcast this morning. We talk about the arrival of Fall, his very first LEGO set, some strong storms, and his plans for his Halloween pumpkin carving design.

Episode 34: Solar System

October 2, 2018

The kids demanded a podcast, and then refused to participate. So, I bring you up to speed on our latest projects and adventures.

Episode 33: Errands, Folks

September 26, 2018

We’re getting ready to head out on a few errands, but first Benedict wanted us to record a podcast.

Episode 32: Dinner Plans

September 16, 2018

The weekend is winding down and this children aren’t too interested in podcasting. So I welcome a special guest!

Episode 31: Special Visitors and Outer Space

September 7, 2018

Benedict and Felicity had some very important visitors over the Labor Day weekend. They share a few of their adventures and drop some knowledge about outer space.

Episode 30: Busy Afternoon

August 28, 2018

Benedict and Felicity were very excited to record this milestone episode! Benedict brings us up to speed on his robots and trains while Felicity checks out a cookbook.

Episode 29: On the Water

August 22, 2018

As we finish our vacation recap, I talk to the kids about the fun we had on Lake Michigan. Felicity sends a shoutout to a special listener.

Episode 28: Going to the Dentist

August 21, 2018

Benedict and Felicity had their dental check-ups this morning. They both did a great job! This was our first time at this particular dental practice, so I took a few minutes to chat with them about the unique experience.

Episode 27: Blueberries

August 17, 2018

We just got back from the grocery store where we picked up some Michigan blueberries for our Sunday breakfast. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to talk to the kids about when we went blueberry picking last week on our trip.

Episode 26: Beach Folks

August 14, 2018

There were lots of folks at the beach for the kids to play with. I talk to Benedict and Felicity about some of the fun things they did together.

Episode 25: Mea Culpa

August 13, 2018

We’re back from our trip to Lake Michigan! I apologize for forgetting to bring my microphone and then join Benedict and Felicity at the breakfast table to talk about our experiences on the open road.

Episode 24: Packing Lists

July 27, 2018

With our trip to the beach around the corner, the kids and I spend a few minutes chatting about what we should pack.

Episode 23: Nature Walk

July 23, 2018

The heatwave is coming to an end, but still persists this morning. I took the kids out for a walk to the playground before the temperature got too crazy.

Episode 22: Airplanes and Dinosaurs

July 22, 2018

Happy Sunday, folks! After a bit of a break, we’re back. Just home from Mass, Benedict and Felicity join me to discuss recent events while our breakfast bakes in the oven.

Episode 21: Visitors

July 9, 2018

Our very special visitors have just left and we’re working on cleaning our house. We took a quick break to let Benedict bring you up to speed on his life.

Episode 20: Sick

July 5, 2018

After our time in San Antonio, we all got sick! Now, weeks later, we’re all feeling better. Although, my co-host Felicity didn’t feel like podcasting today.

Episode 19: San Antonio

June 16, 2018

We’re visiting San Antonio, Texas and bringing you updates from our trip. The kids are not in a great mood.

Episode 18: Groovy Joe Ice Cream and Dinosaurs

June 9, 2018

Benedict joins me to read one of his favorite stories.

Episode 17: Brown Bear, Brown Bear

June 6, 2018

In the first installment of what will be a long-running series, Felicity sits down with me to read Eric Carle’s classic work, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”

Episode 16: Felicity’s Birthday

May 31, 2018

We’re celebrating today, and Benedict asked if we could do a podcast to tell all of the folks about Felicity’s birthday. So here you go!

Episode 15: Picnic Lunch

May 25, 2018

We traveled to the hospital to have a picnic lunch in Mommy’s office.

Episode 14: Robot Costume

May 23, 2018

Benedict updates us on his big craft project for the day, and talks about the animals that he saw at the Zoo yesterday.

Episode 13: Happy Sunday, Folks

May 20, 2018

I sit down at the breakfast table with Benedict and Felicity before getting ready for Mass. Felicity has a lot to say, as well as a few jokes to share.

Episode 12: A Beautiful Afternoon

May 16, 2018

We’ve upgraded! Our new microphone arrived today, so we took a few minutes to try it out. The kids were mostly interested in watching a movie.

Episode 11: Trains

May 9, 2018

Felicity requested that we record a podcast this morning and was enthusiastically joined by Benedict. So, we decided to talk about trains. Sorta.

Episode 10: Morning Play

May 8, 2018

We’re enjoying a slow start to our day with some playtime. The kids asked to record a podcast, so we did! Felicity is quite chatty and Benedict updates us on his life.

Episode 9: Three

May 4, 2018

Alison is back to work. We catch up with Benedict to get his review of his trip, try to keep Felicity off of her computer, and listen to Lucy’s delightful noises.

Episode 8: A Day Out With Thomas

April 29, 2018

Today is a very special day! We made the trip to the train museum to meet Thomas. We took pictures with Sir Topham Hatt, played trains, watched a movie, and ended our adventure with a 3 mile ride on Thomas the Tank Engine!

Episode 7: Casting

April 28, 2018

We’re out a fishing derby this morning! Benedict reports on seeing a dancing cow and shares his best fishing advice.

Episode 6: Bubbles

April 26, 2018

We made it safely to Gramma and Grandpi’s. After some quiet time in the house, I came outside to find Benedict playing with bubbles.

Episode 5: Bubbles

April 24, 2018

Benedict and I made it to the airport! Our flight is delayed, so we found a quiet corner to chat about our travel today.

Episode 4: Travel Folks

April 23, 2018

We’re getting all packed for our big trip tomorrow. We took a break from cleaning and packing to record Felicity saying funny things.

Episode 3: Popsicles

April 20, 2018

After a busy morning of cleaning, we headed outside to enjoy a well deserved treat!

Episode 2: Sandbox

April 19, 2018

It’s a beautiful morning and the children and I decided to go outside and play in our sandbox. Felicity makes her first appearance on the podcast, but she’s a little bit shy when it comes to the microphone.

Episode 1: Welcome to ChetCast

April 19, 2018

I started my first podcast back in 2007 as a single college student. I’m excited to be podcasting again, this time, with the help of my three children.

ChetCast will follow my life as stay-at-home dad and the adventures that I share with my kids. In the inaugural episode, I introduce myself and welcome my son, Benedict, to the show.

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