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ChetCast: Season 4


Season 4 (2021)

A short-form podcast about my life as a stay-at-home dad, starring my three kids. My goal for this microcast is to capture the sounds of my children’s cute voices, talk about our adventures, and introduce them to the joys of podcasting and storytelling. Fair warning: there’s lots of dead air.

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Episode 221: Christmas Joy

December 27, 2021

I catch up with the kids to talk about their Christmas.

Episode 220: Gingerbread Houses

December 24, 2021

Christmas Eve is well underway. Our big project this morning was building gingerbread houses.

Episode 219: LEGO Building Team

December 23, 2021

For the first time, maybe ever, Benedict opened his LEGO Research Lab to his sisters. After half an hour of building together, they’ve arrived downstairs to share their inventions.

Episode 218: O, Christmas Tree

December 20, 2021

My voice is trying to come back, but that didn’t stop us from talking about our favorite ornaments.

Episode 217: Christmas Cookies

December 18, 2021

We’re home and everyone is healthy again. Just in time to bake and decorate some Christmas Cookies!


Episode 216: Cape May Zoo

November 21, 2021

The cousins got ahead of us, but Lucy still has lots to share about our visit to the zoo.

Episode 215: Fall Festival

November 16, 2021

We had quite an adventure this weekend and the kids talk all about it.

Episode 214: Fall Backyard Play

November 10, 2021

I catch up with the big kids playing outside during nap time.

Episode 213: Halloween Recap

November 2, 2021

I finally caught up with the kids to talk about Halloween, but things got a bit out of hand.


Episode 212: Felicity Plays

October 16, 2021

It’s a cool, fall Saturday morning. I catch up with Felicity playing in the backyard.

Episode 211: Watercolors

October 9, 2021

I returned from my bike ride to find two artists working outside.

Episode 210: LEGO Research Lab

October 7, 2021

Benedict invites us into his lab to discuss his latest invention.

Episode 209: New School Week

October 4, 2021

Another showcase of the poetry and prayer memorization that the kids practiced.

Episode 208: Poetry

September 16, 2021

We’re done with school for the week, so I caught up with the kids working on creative play. Benedict has a poem to share.

Episode 207: Coffee Adventure

September 2, 2021

We went on an adventure to check out a new coffeeshop in town and enjoyed some delicious pastries! The kids also finished their first week of school and share what they learned.

Episode 206: First Day of School

August 30, 2021

The kids are back to learning. Will there be a second day of school?

Episode 205: Summer Winding Down

August 23, 2021

We’re back from a late summer break to see what all of the kids are up to.

Episode 204: Lucy House

July 29, 2021

While at Lake Michigan, Lucy started to describe a house that she owns. I sat down to get some more details.

Episode 203: Live on the Shore

July 16, 2021

Lucy just came in off the Lake and chatted about going out on the water. Also, a special shoutout for Gramma!

Episode 202: Summer Treats

July 14, 2021

A walk on the beach this morning, a trip to the bakery this afternoon.

Episode 201: Kayaking on Lake Michigan

July 13, 2021

We went out on the boats and I expected the kids to be much more chatty about it.

Episode 200: Summer Vacation

July 3, 2021

Our big trip starts tomorrow. But first, a little celebration!

Episode 199: Doctor Lucy

June 28, 2021

I went in for a check-up and things did not go according to plan.

Episode 198: Dungeon

June 17, 2021

An episode that almost never aired.

Episode 197: Super Kids

June 10, 2021

My children disappeared and there superheroes are suddenly in my house.

Episode 196: Robot Suit

May 15, 2021

Benedict has a new costume and Felicity has some very important information to share.

Episode 195: Art Show

May 12, 2021

The kids worked on some drawings this afternoon and are ready to feature them in a show.

Episode 194: Veronica Laughs, Again

May 10, 2021

Veronica is babbling and laughing all over the place, so it’s time to catch it all with a microphone.

Episode 193: Softy

May 7, 2021

During outside play, the kids found a friend.

Episode 192: Saturday Activities

May 1, 2021

We’re done with our chores, so I checked in with the kids.

Episode 191: Master Builders

April 16, 2021

It’s a rainy Friday afternoon, so we got out some LEGO sets and gave Felicity her first turn building her very own.

Episode 190: Clean Plate Award

March 30, 2021

Benedict has lots to share about his new toy.

Episode 189: Park

March 21, 2021

Spring has arrived and the kids are outside on their new playground.

Episode 188: KitKat

March 15, 2021

There’s a new critter in our house.

Episode 187: Rockets

March 13, 2021

Benedict launched model rockets for the first time at Troops of St. George this morning. He shares his experience.

Episode 186: Silly Sally

February 19, 2021

Lucy has a story that she’d like to read to you.

Episode 185: Snow Day

February 17, 2021

It’s cold and snowy, but thankfully Mom built a fort.

Episode 184: Pete the Cat

February 6, 2021

Benedict takes a break from his Saturday afternoon to read you a story, “Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons.”

Episode 183: More Play

January 25, 2021

We’re about to go play outside, but first Benedict and Felicity want to talk about some games that we played this morning.

Episode 182: Game of Tag

January 23, 2021

The sun is setting, but we headed outside for some quick family play.

Episode 181: Snowflakes

January 10, 2021

Felicity plays in the snow.

Episode 180: Veronica Laughs

January 4, 2021

Nothing but laughter.

Episode 179: Backyard

January 3, 2021

Welcome to Season 4! I head outside on a Sunday afternoon to talk to the big kids about our new backyard.

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